Cygnus Slot Review: Paylines, Bonuses, Theme & Volatility

Cygnus Slot is clearly an Egyptian-themed slot machine at first impression. However, it differs significantly from what we typically see in this category. To start the dissection, let’s start with a clarification. One of the stars that make up the Northern Cross in the night sky is called Cygnus. This constellation appears to be frighteningly accurately aligned with the Giza pyramids.

The game sheet asserts that this is not a coincidence and that there is a cosmic link as a result of the alignment. This theory has been advanced further by certain web theorists who contend that aliens from Cygnus constructed the pyramids. Whatever the case, Cygnus Slot is the name of ELK Studios’ most recent slot, which blends Egyptian and astronomical motifs with a number of alluring features.

The game has a traditional Egyptian aesthetic and soundtrack. A constellation in the night sky and palm plants frame the backdrop as the game grid is placed in front of a pyramid’s entryway. It’s a lovely sight that is partially deleted from the Gold line of slot machines. The six reels, which are piled four rows high and are situated between two pillars, give this effect. The multiplier on the right pillar is encouraging, and it has a fascinating appearance.

The game contains 4,096 initial ways to win. From the first reel on, symbols must appear in any row in groups of three or more. Avalanche game mechanics are used in Cygnus, however this element is slightly different than before.

When winning symbols are removed from the reels and rows, the gravity mechanism allows them to fall naturally because the rows and reels are not flush. Think of spherical symbols dropping straight down instead of bouncing down a set of stairs.

Although not invariably, symbols in this context fall from left to right. It’s a great touch, and you can experience some dramatic moments as you see the symbol you want gently descend to the proper position—or not. Rows can be added after winners are declared, which is another element. As a result, each reel may include 8 rows of symbols, increasing the number of win ways to 262,144.

This winning strategy works nicely with the symbols as well. For some reason, the lucky 7 symbol is the highest paying one in the game. These frequently appear on the right side of the grid as a group. They can be brought into play when winning symbols on the left are removed to make room for them to roll in thanks to the brand-new and incredibly inventive gravity feature.

Four low-paying diamonds and three more high-paying symbols—an ibis, a camel, and a cat—are also included in the game’s symbols. The symbols lack the exceptional value you would anticipate from an avalanche feature and appear to have been created at the last minute. The 7 is the exception, which pays out 30 times the wager for six of a type.

The game’s fundamentals include setting stake levels between 10 cents and £/100 every spin across all platforms. As an alternative, players can use up to 100 auto spins in conjunction with one of four betting methods. The volatility has been scored by ELK as 8 out of 10, which is high but can occasionally feel even higher. With an RTP of 96.1% and a hit rate of 23%, Cygnus Slot could theoretically offer huge payouts.

Cygnus Slot: Features

The added features go well in hand with the game mechanics. First up is the ‘X’ sign. This symbol activates the Multiplier on the right pillar if it falls to the bottom row. From x2, x4, x16, x32, and so on, up to x64, each subsequent “X” raises it. The wild, golden W can appear anywhere and can be used to replace any normal pay symbol.

The coveted bonus game is what you seek, as it is usually more difficult to obtain than it appears to be. The bonus symbol must be moved left until it contacts the left pillar when it first appears in the game. If this occurs, 7 Free Drops are given. Every drop in the bonus round utilizes all 8 rows, and multiplier symbols that are introduced to the game linger around. Retriggering this feature is another option.

Cygnus Slot: Verdict

The features resemble those of ELK’s Gold series of slots when written down. You cannot ignore the similarities, even in motion. However, ELK has made enough changes to Cygnus Slot to give it sort of a stand-alone slot status. Even though some of the fundamental components have been used before, Cygnus approaches each one somewhat differently, and the outcome seems fresh.

Many people are able to play this okeplay777 slot. You are curious about what will happen next because of the way symbols move left or right using the new gravity mechanic. When you say, “Just one more spin,” Cygnus Slot has the kind of x-factor that makes you forget that half an hour has passed.

Cygnus Slot is a fun game, but it can also be harsh with a lot of dead or low-value spins. For any chance of receiving huge payouts, you must go on a solid streak where avalanche winnings attract multipliers, ideally during free spins. In relation to payouts, the game’s top prize is worth £/€500,000.

Due to the possibility of winning 5,000 times your investment, you will need to wager at the maximum level to acquire that sum. A similar result was obtained with slots in the Gold range, at least the better ones.

ELK has created a generally solid game with this one. The mood is set by the music, which is also pleasing to the eye. The separate components may not be entirely original in terms of characteristics. But when everything is combined, a novel outcome is produced. It is also simple to become lost in. Once you’re playing, the playability of the game makes any comparisons to other slots irrelevant.

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