Gem Rocks Slot Review: RTP 96.3% (Yggdrasil)

Are you looking for the Gem Rocks slot review? This game is a slot machine developed by Yggdrasil Gaming that features a gemstone theme, but one that is more appealing than the typical look associated with slots. 

It’s one of the few modern-looking gemstone slots we’ve seen, and the 6-reel layout falls into the same category.

Best of Gem Rocks Slot Review

The game has a total of 4096 ways to win on six reels with four symbols each, giving you a lot of chances to form a winning combination. 

When it comes to winning combinations, the best one available has a 75x payout potential, which translates to up to $300 in cash. The Gem Rock and Dropdown Wins are among the features that will be available, so they aren’t your typical ones.

1. Betting Range

The slot machine has a lot of ways to win, 4096 in total, but you only have to use 25 coins and bet lines every round, which makes it a lot easier for you. 

Wagers as low as $0.25 are available, with the lines receiving $0.01 each. On the other hand, you can bet extremely high amounts, up to $100, in which case the line bet would increase to $4.

Rewards in the game are typically awarded for multiple combinations at once, especially when using the Gem Rocks, which provide large symbols. Because the amount of money a single combination offers isn’t as important, the 75x reward for the best combination isn’t an issue. 

It’s also known that the game will have a 96.3% RTP, which ensures that the jackpot’s small size will not be an issue.

2. Game Features

In a way to win game, you need symbols to appear on consecutive reels, but the exact position isn’t as important as it is in a payline game. Even better, once you’ve formed a symbol combo, the symbols involved will vanish. 

These are known as Dropdown Wins, and they fill in the empty positions with new symbols, allowing new combos to form without you having to pay anything extra.

The more Dropdown Wins you get, the closer you get to the Gem Rock feature. This one starts after two consecutive wins, when you’ll be awarded a Gem Rock, a symbol that takes up 2×2 positions. If you win five times in a row, the Gem Rock will grow to 3×3 positions. 

Finally, if you manage to win 9 games in a row, the Gem Rock will appear in a 4×4 size. Obviously, with these Gem Rocks in place, triggering new consecutive wins and forming multiple combinations at the same time becomes even easier.

Gem Rocks doesn’t have a long list of features, but the ones it does have are fairly enjoyable, having brought you a lot of small wins and kept you happy.

3. Design and Theme

Gem Rocks has a gemstone mining style that, in a typical slot online machine, wouldn’t look all that great, or at least it didn’t look that way to me before. 

This game, on the other hand, had a fun design, with the symbols all being square blocks of stone with various cut gemstones in the middle. It doesn’t sound like much, but it turns out to be quite nice, despite rather than because of the theme.

Final Words

In conclusion of Gem Rocks slot review, the game appears to be a thrilling slot machine from Yggdrasil Gaming, with features that are different from those found in most slots.

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