Mexican Slots Play Online Review (RTP 95.56%) GamesOs

Do you want to play Mexican Slots play online? This is a GamesOS title that places the design front and center, and will appeal to those who enjoy a classic slot machine with its easy gameplay style. 

It’s not something you’d think would be a developer’s top priority, yet this 2016 release does a fantastic job at it, as good as any modern 5-reel game.

Interesting Facts of Mexican Slots Play Online

It has a straightforward name, and it is no different when it comes to the action it provides. Only one active line can produce combinations while playing with three reels. 

This game can pay up to 1,000x the stake, or $15,000 cash, depending on the symbols that make up the combo and the quantity of coins used in the wager. Otherwise, don’t expect huge features; there are none. We’ve seen the RTP mentioned at a few different percentages, the largest of which is 95.56%.

1. Bet and Prizes

You will be able to choose the coin’s value, which will be between $0.10 and $5. On the new slots only active line, you may also choose the number of coins utilized each round. With one, two, or three coins, the total betting range is $0.10 to $15.

One of most you can get is 3,000 coins, which is equal to $15,000 in cash. The return is 1,000x the investment, but depending on how many coins are in the wager, it could be lesser for that same combination of three Mexican Dancer symbols. Only the three-coin bet can pay out the maximum prize of 1,000x.

A one-coin gamble will pay up to 500 coins, while a two-coin wager will pay up to 1,500 coins (750x the stake). As you can see, the more coins you have, the better the reward for the highest jackpot. 

However, none of the other symbols are affected. Because of the game’s nature, we recommend starting with three coins and reducing the denomination only if necessary.

Finally, if players stake three coins, the game’s estimated RTP is 95.56%, which is good for a modern slot.

2. Game Features

There are no distinguishing characteristics in Mexican. Only standard symbols can be used to build combinations in this slot. 

We liked that many of the symbols payout with just one or two matching icons landing left to right, however the jackpot requires three matching icons. Even for the wins that only require 1-2 icons, the other slots of the line must still line up and show some form of symbol. There are no blank spaces on the line.

3. Design and Theme

The Mexican slot will have a theme that is inspired by Mexico. The culture of a country is simple to find in slots, and we have something characteristic of the genre here. 

A Mexican dancer appears in the jackpot symbol, as well as a Mexican man wearing a giant sombrero, donkeys, guitars, tequila bottles, lime, cactus plants, noisemakers, and chili peppers. We really loved the game’s excellent design, which is not typically found in 3-reel games.

Our Conclusion

It has great visuals and straightforward gameplay, but that combination isn’t often easy to come by in the classic genre, so it’s worth praising when you do. Well, you can enjoy Mexican Slots play online at situs slot gacor right now. 

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